Pix the Panda Is Here!

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Pix Goes to London is now officially available to purchase from Amazon.com!

Pix is a lovable, camera-toting panda who enjoys traveling the world. When he’s not out globetrotting, he can usually be found chatting with kids about history and geography, which are far more fascinating subjects than your school textbooks may have let on.

In this first book of the series, Pix shows us his photos from London and engages his young readers in an interactive conversation about the various sights he discovered during his trip. At the end of the book he invites everyone to participate by creating their own passports and making their own paper pandas to send on adventures to other parts of the world.

Kids of all ages will enjoy meeting Pix as they experience the sights and sounds of London with him. To view the digital preview pages and order your own copy of the book, click on over to Amazon. After you’re done reading the book, you can visit the Pix Printables Page to download free London-themed activities.

Books have the power to take you anywhere, and London is a pretty exciting place to go. Let’s take a trip!

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