Kid-Tested and Approved!

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The proof of our upcoming book, Pix Goes to London, just arrived! The excitement level was high as our resident book testers had the opportunity to read about Pix for the very first time.

Kids reading Pix Goes to London

The kids were immediately captivated by the panda character on the front cover and wanted to know his name. The four year old sat still for the entire book and said his favorite part was the “big clock” (Big Ben). He also enjoyed finding London on the map, and spent quite a bit of time discussing how the view would be different if he sat on the top or the bottom level of a double decker bus.


Coloring Pix the PandaWhen we got to the end of the book and saw the page with a Pix the Panda that can be colored, the four year old excitedly jumped up to get his crayons. After I explained to him that we were going to print off a copy, he waited eagerly for the printer to finish so he could start coloring. He insisted on making Pix look exactly like the picture on the front cover of the book, and worked very hard to get all the colors just right.

The two-year-old did her own thing and made a beautiful pink and blue panda. Maybe Pix has a sister named Pixie that we can meet in a future book! The baby crawled around the table hoping somebody would drop something that he could put in his mouth. We held on tight to our crayons and none of them ended up with baby tooth marks. When we were done, we got the pandas cut out with adult help, and compared them to the panda in the book. Exactly the same size!

All in all, the kids gave the book a big thumbs up. The panda character held their attention, and the coloring activity was a special treat. Another day we will plan to read the book again and follow that with the passport activity also included in the book. These activities can be photocopied out of the book, or downloaded for free from along with bonus activities not included in the book.


Keep your eyes peeled for Pix Goes to London, to be released to the world on August 8!


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