Introducing Pix


“I enjoyed all the scenic pictures and I know the children will as well. I was impressed by the fun activities for children at the end of the book. The passport stamp that each child makes for themselves is a great idea.” –Cheryl Foley, grandmother

Pix Goes to London gives kids a great way to become familiar with some of London’s famous landmarks, but it does more than that: it engages kids as they read so that they can connect with London in a memorable way. I loved it!” –Cathy Canen, blogger at Kids Get Education

Pix is an adventurous panda who loves to travel the world taking photos! Because he is made out of paper, it is very easy for him to travel. He can travel in pockets, purses, suitcases, or even through the mail! When he returns from his trips, he likes talking about all the interesting things he learned during his travels.

In Pix Goes to London, the first of Pix the Panda’s worldwide adventures, he visits Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, watches the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, and searches for famous statues. A special reproducible section at the end of the book contains hands-on activities for kids to continue the learning fun.

Watch for Pix Goes to London, available August 8 at!

Click below for Pix’s special printable activities: