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“I enjoyed all the scenic pictures and I know the children will as well. I was impressed by the fun activities for children at the end of the book. The passport stamp that each child makes for themselves is a great idea.” –Cheryl Foley, grandmother

“Pix Goes to London gives kids a great way to become familiar with some of London’s famous landmarks, but it does more than that: it engages kids as they read so that they can connect with London in a memorable way. I loved it!” –Cathy Canen, blogger, KidsGetEducation.com

Come along with Pix the Panda on his exciting trips to London and Mackinac Island! Pix Goes to London, the first of Pix’s worldwide adventures, shows you Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, and numerous historical landmarks. Pix Goes to Mackinac Island will bring you along on a ferry boat to a picturesque Michigan island where you can take a bicycle ride, sample some famous fudge, and learn why the island still uses horse-drawn carriages instead of automobiles.

Each Pix the Panda book includes hands-on activities to extend the learning and personalize the fun for young readers.

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Finally there is an easy way to start learning a foreign language as a family! This Christmas season, gather the kids together for some read-aloud time, and together you can practice some new vocabulary while enjoying photos of sleigh rides and gingerbread! A vocabulary list and simplified pronunciation guide are included, with bonus sentences in the back of the book for more advanced students. This book is available in English/Spanish and English/German versions.

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A musician? A meteorologist? A mommy? A little girl dreams about what she can be someday in this charming tale of dress-up and make-believe. Illustrated with colorful photographs, this book is a great read-aloud to teach young children about occupations and encourage them to dream big dreams. Order it today from Amazon.com!


Travel with Erin to visit some of her favorite sights in 13 different countries. You will see famous landmarks such as Big Ben and the Leaning Tower of Pisa, but you will also discover less well-known sights and meet some of the ordinary people who live in these countries. This beautiful coffee table book is available exclusively through Blurb.com.