Prayers for Mexico

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Imagine living in an area that has been recently struck by an earthquake. As you begin trying to return to your normal daily routine, nothing is quite the same. What if the building you are entering right now suffered undetected structural damage? Might it collapse at any moment? What if an aftershock hits your home […]

Introducing Pix the Panda!

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Pix the Panda is a cartoon drawn on paper that came to life and decided to travel the globe looking for interesting places to photograph. In Book 1 of Pix the Panda’s World Tour, scheduled for release August 8, Pix visits the historic city of London. He tells us about Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, and much more! At the end […]

Lighthouse Art

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I’m working on some lighthouse coloring book illustrations this week. This beauty is the Rebecca Shoal Light, and it sat on a dangerous coral bank off the coast of Florida from 1886 to 1953. This picture shows how it looked after the light was automated and the lower landings were removed.