Hi, I’m Erin, the founder of Early Star Creative Studios. You may be wondering about the name “Early Star.” It all began several years ago, as I was reading my Bible and meditating the reasons for me, as a wife and mother, to start an online business.

I noted how the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31:14-15 (she is totally my hero!) helps meet her family’s needs by rising “while it is yet night” and bringing their necessities “from afar.” To me it was the perfect picture of the dedicated mompreneur, working online while her children sleep, as the stars shine tirelessly all night.

The goals of Early Star are twofold: first, to provide high-quality creative products, and second, to support and help other mompreneurs and small business owners in their journey to online success.

Thank you for visiting the Early Star website, and we hope this is the place where you will find the inspiration to launch out into your beautiful future!

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