61yC-VqCeWL._UX250_Hello and welcome to Early Star Creative Studios! My name is Erin, and I would like to share with you what Early Star is all about. The name comes from a passage in the Bible. The virtuous woman of Proverbs 31:14-15 helps meet her family’s needs by rising “while it is yet night” and bringing their necessities “from afar.” The early rising aspect of this endeavor is the source of the name Early Star.

Early Star Creative Studios was founded with a strong emphasis on visual creativity—photography, publishing, and graphic design. I believe that many people have great ideas for their businesses and organizations, but a lack of a high-quality, unique visual identity is holding them back from connecting with the clients they wish to help. This is where I come in. I love to help small businesses reach the next level, and I also enjoy helping established businesses rebrand in order to reach their ideal target market without letting lack of current, sophisticated design stand in their way.

We also recently added Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation and editing services, to assist you in appealing to a wider market and help you ensure that your message is coming across professionally and free from errors. All texts are translated by a fully bilingual translator, and edited by a native speaker of the language.

Thank you for visiting the Early Star website, and we hope this is the place where you will find the inspiration to launch out into your beautiful future!

Are you ready to contact Early Star about your design or photography needs?


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